All-On-4 Teeth in a Day

Same Day Dentures in Utah County

all-on-4 permanent dentures with a Utah County dentist Orem Utah


The all-on-four treatment is rapidly growing in popularity amongst those considering their first full mouth teeth replacement and those who already wear traditional dentures. The term “all-on-4” refers to the a full tooth bridge being mounted to four permanent dental implants. This way, the all-on-4 bridge is a permanent solution. No slipping dentures. No denture glass at night. No foul tasting denture adhesive. Our all-on-4 treatment in Provo can give you a permanent, beautiful and functional smile that removes your daily maintenance routine and daily embarrassment opportunities.


This All on Four treatment is also referred to as “same day dentures”, or more accurately called “same day implant supported bridges”, because the whole treatment can be performed in one day (no trips back and forth to the dentist for you). You can literally walk into our Utah County office, receive a beautiful and permanent full dental bridge and walk out with a fantastic and long-lived smile in one visit.


same day dentures with a dentist in Provo Utah County

  • PRESERVE YOUR FACE AND SMILE | Because the all-on-four treatment is implant supported, your bone loss and deterioration may be slowed or stopped as the dental implants help preserve the bone structure (and hence face structure) in your jaw. In other words, the all-on-4 treatment helps stop the sag and bag associated with dentures.
  • EAT WHAT YOU WANT | The all-on-four solution is permanent, durable and beautiful. More important to you though is it allows you to laugh, smile and CHEW without worry that your dentures will fall out or slip. Live your life without fear or embarrassment brought on by traditional dentures.
  • SPEED OF TREATMENT | As mentioned above, the all-on-4 treatment can be completed in one day. This is not a lengthy treatment drawn out over months. Receive all the benefits of implant supported bridges in just one day.
  • SAFETY OF PROCEDURE | This treatment only requires four dental implants which are placed quickly and comfortably. Also, bone grafting is not required for the all-on-four treatment.

If you are considering implant supported bridges please call our Provo office and schedule a visit to learn if the all-on-4 procedure is the right solution for you! We would love to answer any questions you may have about your options if you are in Orem or Utah County!