Benefits of Tooth Implants

Tooth Implant Dentistry In Provo

Our Utah County patients frequently turn to tooth implants as the ideal solution for missing or damaged teeth. Implant supported dentures are also becoming extremely popular due to the permanent attachment of the denture to the tooth implants and the ease of maintenance, lack of embarrassment and durable nature of the treatment. Recent technological advancements in implant dentistry have made it possible for Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry to offer the best quality tooth implants and tooth implant supported dentures available in Provo…at an affordable price. Call today to set up a visit and find out first hand what makes dental implants (tooth implants) so great.

Below are common benefits our patients experience from tooth implant dentistry:

  • COMFORTABLE | Dental implants can feel and function just like natural, healthy teeth. You may love just how often you forget that you even have tooth implants.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | More traditional dental solutions for damaged or missing teeth may leave a little to be desired as far as long-term health benefits. Dental implants will help you maintain your oral health in the years to come. Implant supported dentures are especially beloved by patients for health reasons
  • NATURAL LOOKING | Most people, if not all, will not even be able to tell that your tooth implants aren’t your natural teeth. We pride ourselves on dental artistry, so they will not just look like natural teeth, your tooth implants will look like BEAUTIFUL natural teeth.
  • PERMANENT SOLUTION | Dental implants are wonderfully durable and can last a lifetime. We use the finest tooth implant materials that allow your smile to be just as long-lived as you.
  • PRESERVING YOUTH | Traditional dentures (removing all tooth roots) cause the facial structure to start sagging. Implant support dentures help limit this effect.
  • STRONG FOUNDATION | Whether you’re interested in an individual missing tooth replacement, a partial denture or a full set of dentures, dental implants provide a sturdy foundation for your tooth/teeth replacement(s).

Schedule a visit today in Provo to learn if tooth implants or implant supported dentures are the best treatment for you! We see patients from all over Utah County, from Lehi to Orem!