Do you offer sedation options with dental implant dentistry?
YES, we offer dental sedation. Oral conscious sedation is a popular choice but we also offer IV sedation in office as well during teeth implant procedures. Fear of the implant dentist or discomfort you may have with dental treatments should not prevent you from getting the implant dentistry services that can benefit you so much. Sedation can help you stay calm and comfortable during your teeth implant treatments.

For more information, please visit our dental sedation site or our main website!

Does teeth implant placement hurt?
We make sure our patients are comfortable during every treatment, not just teeth implant procedures. During the healing process we may recommend options to alleviate any discomfort if needed.

Is Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry a reputable dental implant dentist practice?
Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry consistently ranks among the top dental practices in Utah and the country. We know our stuff and know how to treat implant dentistry patients well. Our reputation as a top implant dental practice is earned and deserved.

How long do teeth implants take to heal?
Every case varies but a teeth implant normally heals within three-to-six months of placement. Times will of course vary based on the patient.

Is implant dentistry safe?
YES. Because we are so careful with our patients, we take an already established “safe” treatment and make it even safer. There is a reason our service is referred to as “VIP 5-star” service. You will be in goods hands while you receive your implant dentistry treatment.

Why is Hammond a great choice for your implant dentist practice?
We are consistently voted among the top dentists (even by our peers). We treat every single patient as a VIP and make sure you are satisfied with your implant dentistry treatments and visits. We are always improving our own skills and practice through continuing education to ensure we are providing the best quality implant dentistry available. Patients also love that they can receive all components of their teeth implant treatments in one location when they choose Dr. Chris Hammond as their teeth implant dentist.