How to Choose an Implant Dentist

Choosing a Provo Dental Implant Dentist

Not all dental implant dentists are created equally. Just as you recognize varying levels of competence in your own profession, Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry strives to offer the best implant dentistry services available. Not just in their neighborhood or Utah County, but the BEST dental implant dentistry you can find anywhere!

Dental implants represent an investment of time and resources and care should be taking when choosing a dental implant dentist in the Provo area. Below are helpful criteria to use when determining how to choose your dental implant dentist:

  • TECHNOLOGY AND BEST PRACTICES | Hammond invests in the technology and training to remain at the forefront of implant dentistry. We strive to offer the best equipment, skill and craftsmanship that you can find anywhere.
  • PATIENT COMFORT | Though we have the hard skills and technological equipment expected from a top-notch dental implant dentist practice, we provide the unexpected soft benefits as well. Our patients are amazed at our beautiful and comfortable office. Our doctors and staff treat you like a VIP and we offer all of the little things (even warm towels!) that can make your visit to our dental implant dentist feel like a trip to the spa.
  • TREATMENT AVAILABILITY | Though you may feel like you entered a high end spa when visiting Hammond, we’re not an exclusive resort. We treat patients quickly and with care so that others can also experience the benefits of seeing our dental implant dentist without feeling like they’re on a “waiting list”.
  • TRACK RECORD | For many years Dr. Chris Hammond has been voted top dentist in Utah by patients and peers. We would love to show you successful case after successful case in tooth replacement when you come in for a visit. We don’t mind bragging about our more than satisfied patients.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. Schedule a visit or just drop in at our Provo practice to see our dental implant dentist practice first hand if you are in Orem or Utah County!