What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants in Provo

As titanium dental implants are becoming such a popular dental treatment, more people are asking their dentists “What are dental implants?” and we would like to answer that question for Utah County residents. An increasing number of people are looking into the procedure to learn more and discover if titanium dental implants or mini implants are an option for them. Consider this a quick reference guide to help you understand the common dental implant terms and a high-level understanding of the tooth implant procedure.

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Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


A dental implant is a small titanium “post” that is placed in the stead of a natural tooth root when the tooth is missing or damaged. This titanium dental implant then fuses with the supportive jaw bone tissues to form a permanent and durable platform on which a dental crown (artificial tooth) can be attached.  Titanium dental implants can help reduce bone loss, provide a permanent tooth that can last just as long as you and help you live life as if you never lost or damaged your natural tooth at all.


Mini implants are practically the same thing as normal titanium dental implants dental implant dentist Provo and Utah Countyexcept mini implants have a smaller diameter. These smaller diameter mini implants are beneficial in various circumstances that either allow for or call for a narrower post. Mini implants offer a shorter healing period and can provide a more comfortable fit in tight places. Mini implants may or may not be needed in your treatment.


The teeth implants we use are exclusively a titanium alloy. Titanium dental implants offer tremendous benefits, including:

  • OSSEOINTEGRATION | Titanium dental implants literally “fuse” with the jawbone tissues and become as strong or stronger than the natural tooth roots they are replacing. This is a special property of titanium.
  • DURABILITY | Titanium dental implants are exceedingly wear and corrosion resistant. They will stand up admirably to time and wear.
  • STRENGTH | Titanium is called “God’s metal” for a reason — it has the highest strength to weight ratio of ANY metal. Titanium dental implants and mini implants are therefore are exceptionally strong and light.

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